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Call Centre

Our UK only 24/7 Call Centre services operate both inbound message/order taking and outbound telemarketing services. By providing outstanding customer service and answering in your own company name, we can enhance your reputation and help to build your brand, with every call and contact that we take for you. Using our experienced telemarketing team, we can help boost your business with an outbound campaign or compliment a current marketing campaign.

Our many inbound services include: Media Response (DRTV, Radio, Press and Direct Mail), Customer Helplines, Customer Information and Support Lines, Telephone Order Lines, Instant SMS or Emails, Dealer and Branch Look Up, Donation and Charity Lines, Internet Response, e-commerce, Product Fulfilment and Disaster Recovery.

Our many outbound services include: Direct Sales, Sales Lead Follow Up, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Information Gathering, List and Database Cleansing, Event Building, Market Research, Seminar and Conference Booking, e-commerce, Welcome Calls and all aspects of CRM.

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